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    Glow plug flashing/ limp mode

    Just after doing a regen( according to obd) and doing 70 down to 20 for a bend the glow plug light started flashing and went into limp mode - No power.Switching off/on and appears OK.....?according to app torque(lite) there are no error codes.I know you guys recommend vagcom read fault...
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    Stopping route guideance and dash screen not reverting to previous setting?

    Hello,once I reach(approximately) my destination using satnav I always stop the route guidance.The problem is the centre screen changes to a compass instead of the speed readout it was set to previously.Is there any way to change it so that it automatically reverts to speedo(previous)? Don't...
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    How to stop headlight washers working?

    First really bad frost this morning and I'm a bit concerned about damaging the car...I switched off the auto retract of the mirrors but apparently you need to pull fuse 36 (fuse box next to the steering wheel) to disable the headlight washers.another post stated that there is only one washer...
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    Wipers move when I switch off engine

    This has started happening after nearly 6 months of ownership - I switch off the engine and hear a noise from the front of the car that turns out to be the wipers moving a tiny amount? They were already in the parked position, It's hot and sunny and I wasn't using them at all and the control...
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    Infotainment system going crazy!

    I've noticed during long journeys 1+ hours that the touchscreen lower icons have a mind of their own. you know when someones hand/finger approaches and they go big in order for you to select an option.With my car they do this all by themselves along with a beep.On the navigation page it will...
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    Carnet unlocking door facility

    Hello.just put free carnet onto my 65 plate golf gtd.I see that you can unlock or at least check doors and lights and other stuff on the Internet but my phone does not show these options.I just see destinations,settings and time manager.Can I get these extra functions on my car?? Thanks,andy...
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    Changing radio channels

    Hello.when I change radio channels(dab) using the steering controls it only allows me to cycle through the five on the screen even though there are fifteen preset channels.touching the horizontal bar underneath the station icons allows me to access the next five can I access all...