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    EVAP Witch Hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

    I haven't been here much, had a death in the family and life changed drastically. But it goes on. update: I have had to leave N80 aka purge valve unplugged (electrical connector), it is the only way car idles fine, runs better and it won't go crazy after a fuel up. CEL will be on but at this...
  2. AdrianNikonian

    TORQBYTE PM4 Fuel Pump Controller MQB AWD - [BRAND NEW IN BOX]

    I wonder if it also works on FWD MQB's.....
  3. AdrianNikonian

    Coding Mk7 R

    Well I have it and it worked like a charm on my mk7 gti, basic setting using apps. Pro features will be unlocked once available but I don't see myself needing it, all the apps did everything I wanted. i.e. side folding mirros, passenger mirror tilt down in reverse, open and close windows using...
  4. AdrianNikonian

    Coding Mk7 R

    Correct but it has a ton of "apps" that only use 10 credits each, unit comes w/ 200 credits and you get more automatically as time goes by. The apps let you do a bunch of mods w/o having to long code. Soon they'll have the pro features unlocked.
  5. AdrianNikonian

    WTB: 6p-pot 360mm (18" clearance)

    Check , they sometimes have used kits.....I'm online myself shopping for a BBK, after spending tons on bigger turbo etc, wasting my money on ECS Tuning dual piece garbage, I will do it right and get a kit made to stop and last. It'll look good too I'm sure.
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    Coding Mk7 R

    I just ordered the new one for iOS from ECS Tuning, they will have it available in a couple of days. $109 and comes w/ 200 credits. Totally worth it.
  7. AdrianNikonian

    EVAP Witch Hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

    For months now I have been hunting, chasing, obsessing about an issue that ONLY happens right after each fueling (worst part) and then also messes w/ my idle afterwards. (annoying) The ONLY codes I get after fueling are all misfire related : P0300, 0302, 0304 and sometime other cylinders too...