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    Open source tuning solution

    @sharksinspace went Open Sauce too, here's a quick video
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    Simos Tools - New Phone Datalogging App

    Mode 22 is "request diagnostic data by PID" -- a diagnostic service provided by the ECU. Mode 01 is generally what's called the "SAE generic" PIDs for basic stuff like rpm, coolant temp, etc. Mode 22 PIDs are manufacter/ECU specific, but can give you more of the data that you really want/need...
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    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

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    Simos Tools - New Phone Datalogging App

    try now should be worldwide enabled. Might take a little time to show up.
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    Simos Tools - New Phone Datalogging App

    Hmm I'll have switch look into the region thing. In the meantime you can grab the latest apk from GitHub as an alternate option
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    usa - APR OPEN PEX INTAKE SYSTEM - 1.8T/2.0T EA888 GEN 3 MQB - $250 shipped PayPal

    usp has them in stock?
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    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    had mine on for about a week. I think the sound is nice. With stock airbox and the typical DIY mods you could sorta hear the turbo with windows down. Now you can definitely hear it (especially windows down) but its not obnoxious or anything. Like others said, if you want max noise, get an...
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    What's the thought on Mabotech Hybrids

    Finally, something we can all agree on
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    How to choose the right ECU upgrade

    It's a valid point, but the issue is that an OTS tune might run ya $150....vs $500+ to go custom. Sure, the custom would allow you to see full potential and/or tweak some things to your liking.....but for most, the price doesn't justify it. Different tuners have different nuances though, there...
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    Simos Tools - New Phone Datalogging App

    It flashes .bin files, it won't flash maestro or any aftermarket tool specific format/file
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    Simos Tools - New Phone Datalogging App

    Some bearded man got flashing working @joedubs
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    Simos Tools - New Phone Datalogging App

    yeah, the google play version does not get updated nearly as quickly. But still, there is a chance an update might break something small in the def files etc. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need help. Or check in before updating app. Eventually it will calm down. I feel...