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    Coil Nut Turns But Won't Raise

    The top nut spins off then the coil ground comes off then the bottom nut and stud combo comes out. I don't understand your issue.
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    Adjusting Parking (emergency) brake

    I always reverse to 10-15mph and slam the brakes to abs. Generally works.
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    Red stripe light on driver door sill stopped working

    These things fail all the time. Have seen some people replace the led strip but it's probably easier to replace the whole part.
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    MK7 Oil Pressure Gauge

    As far as I know, these engines have a regulated oil pump with bypasses that switch over at 3500 RPM for fuel economy. Under that RPM the oil pump will produce 25 psi and above it will produce 50 ish. Somebody most gladly correct my if I'm wrong but that's my understanding.
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    MK7 Oil Pressure Gauge

    Why? Unless the car is tuned you'll see 25psi or 50psi.
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    LED headlights for 2019 S trim

    Wrong reps, won't fit.
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    Fender Audio Wiring Harness Schematic? - 2019 VW GTI MK7.5

    Would have to run 8 new wires to the fender connector, you'd be better off just rewiring.
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    Fender Audio Wiring Harness Schematic? - 2019 VW GTI MK7.5

    You need to recode the radio brain to output line level at the radio instead of MOST bus output to the fender amp.
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    DIY MIB1 to MIB2 Infotainment Conversion (Part 1)

    Can't wait to see the solution to this.
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    What could have caused this damage?? Its a brand new car...

    The absorber swirled the hell out of my car. Need to start using the leaf blower and 30 towel method. God do I hate black paint.
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    Anyone just turn in this car? Recognize it?

    That's Jim Bob's car and it's mechanical perfection.
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    Auxiliary high beam driving lights install

    You could use unused positions on the bcm for this as well with some coding. Activating unused Leuchte sets and adding a repair wire wouldn't be that hard to do.
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    New diverter valve? 06H145710J anyone try it yet?

    The Pierburg DV isn't a replica, it's the OEM part without the VAG stamping on it.
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    Remote Start MK7 GTI, OBD Eleven folks chime in

    As far as I know fortin has a bypass that works just fine without key wrapping.
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    2016 (only) Head Unit, How Many Outputs?

    A non fender car should have 4 speaker level outputs but don't quote me on it.