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    The Star Spangled Banner as you've never heard it.

    This "take a knee" disrespect must stop. Professional athletic traitors can all leave our shores. It turns my stomach. Any "sports fan" that patronizes these a-holes need's a check-up from the neck-up.
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic...Vaccinated Still Get Fake Virus - And Viagra Ads

    @MadSc13ntist : I have used it. No more for me.
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    Maryland Area Drivers

    @The Fed - Howdy homefolk! First off, Here's your map.,-79.0189647,8z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b64debe9f190df:0xf2af37657655f6b1!8m2!3d39.0457549!4d-76.6412712?hl=en I would take I-95 to Richmond VA and I-64 over to Route I-81 North (My favorite...
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    From a contrarian & stolen from another site: Greatest Mistakes in History; 1. The Corona Virus Lockdown 2. Adam trusting Eve, and eating the apple from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil 3. Electing Ofungus as president 4. Reelecting Ofungus as president 5. President Nixon's economic...
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    I'm looking at: "Early look at data from 100 New York hospitals shows that 66% of new admissions related to the virus are people who were at home" These cases; "not working, not traveling, predominately at home" are still a subset of all people. The remainder of which are the majority and are...
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    Saw this one this morning on CNBC -Early look at data from 100 New York hospitals shows that 66% of new admissions related to the virus are people who were at home, Cuomo said. -He also said a majority of the cases in New York City are minorities, with nearly half being African American or...
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    Ye Olde Smoker Thread

    Thank you. Now; please try this on your next smoked salmon fillet: Dilute 4 tbs of honey with 2 tsp's of water. Add 2 tbs of dill weed and 1 tbs of ground rosemary. Mix well and let stand for at least an hour before you brush it onto your fillet. Repeat the application halfway through the...
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    Ye Olde Smoker Thread

    You've not had corned beef or Pastrami? Brisket.
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    Ye Olde Smoker Thread

    I'm going to try your rub on my next Salmon fillet. Zatarain's or Tony Chachere's? I'm digging your "sear at 125" technique. That steak is perfection. If that were my potatoe, I'd slice it into 3/8" medallions now and butter brush them, lightly salt and broil them on both sides until brown. Eat...
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    My other passion/hobby

    Tea House of the August Moon and the Mikado are my only references to this. I like a well written Haiku. Nancy Quan was one of my first on screen crushes.
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    The Worst Beetle?

    @The Fed , Worst Beetle? When I clicked the link I was expecting something that looks like the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile! I know. This is the "Wurst" comment. Down here in Florida all the sales people for "Truly-Nolen" pest control drive around in Beetle's with Mouse ears on top, tail in the...
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    The Model 3 ruined my life

    You can F-1 to that snore fest. The scream of a Michael Schumacher era Ferrari engine was the sauce for me. Even the Great Stirling Moss (R.I.P) was quoted as saying that once racing became more about safety than the thrill of competition was a trade-off he was reluctant to make. "Carbon -...
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    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Article in today's Tampa Bay Times: Bosch returns on Amazon for Season 6, April 17th. This one is based on 2007's "The Overlook" (where Bosch gets irradiated resulting in his Cancer diagnoses in 2018's "The Dark Sacred Night"). Should be a good one. Season 7 will be the last one it says. 😪
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    Ye Olde Smoker Thread

    After cooking chicken on my Weber for over 20 years and getting frustrated over burned and underdone chicken I discovered...wait for it...The indirect heating method. Get a pair of those fences/arbors made for the Weber coal grate that hook over the outer ring openings and place your heated...
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    New Catback on my Volvo wagon

    I read it. My comment notwithstanding, (and we're MKV here).