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    AF Dynamic Intake For Sale

    Hello Everyone, I have an AF Dynamic Intake for the MK7 GTI/Audi A3 2.0T and MK7.5 GTI. I've had it for about 2k miles, and it sounds great! Its great if you're looking for a decent priced intake. If you have the ECS Tuning turbo muffler delete, its a great combo! It's coming off the car due...
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    MK7 GTI Autobahn Lease Assumption

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone would like to take over my lease? I have a MK7 GTI Autobahn in Pure White, the car has less than 9,000 miles on it. I live in West Los Angeles, so if we do any assumptions we would go to Santa Monica VW, unless the leasee has another place they want to...
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    No downpipe...

    So I have a very stupid question... What happens if I were to pull off the stock downpipe? Basically running the car without an exhaust. What would happen? Can I drive it? Will it ruin the car? Etc.
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    MK7 VS E92 M3

    Long story short, raced my friend who has an E92 M3 and all I have is an Intake. Its interesting that a near stock DSG GTI kept up with a V8 BMW. If there was no car in front of me, i think it would have been a tie... best 30 seconds with this car! Seems lame I know but I wanted to share my...
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    Burnt Titanium Pulley

    Hello Guys, As the title says, I have a 17 Pure White MK7 GTI with PP (lol) When I opened the hood to show my friends.. they noticed that one of my pulleys was the color of burnt titanium... Has anyone discovered this or know anything about this? Let me know as I am intrigued by this discovery...
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    DJI Phantom 3 Professional

    Hey guys, As the title says, Im selling a DJI Phantom 3 Professional in the White/Gold Color ill post the ebay link...Im asking for 725 OBO. Im located in West LA, prefer pick up or meet half way If iI have to ship, i will but itll be more link here ->...
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    Wuste 2017 Friday Caravan

    Hey guys, So as the title says, Im trying to get a caravan going to Wuste 2017 in Las Vegas. I am leaving friday morning to vegas, so if anyone else wants to join, just post here in the thread! Wuste 2017 ETA 4 days away
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    Wuste 2017

    Hey Guys, Happy Monday, I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to see if anyone will be going to Wuste 2017 or have gone last year? I want to know what their experience was like. If it turns out that most of us are going to Wuste 2017, maybe we can plan a west la/santa...
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    PS3 ... Black Ops / Modern Warfare 3

    MW3 PSN ID-Rkiller_69
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    Ghost Recon Future Soldier

    any PS3'ers here?
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    Short story *five words per post*

    pussy cat and then we
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    Short story *five words per post*

    and said tickle my pickle
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    Word Association Game

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    Short story *five words per post*

    said max as he was
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    Short story *five words per post*

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