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    Enabling TJA + Lane Assist on a 2018 Golf R

    I have a 2021 as well. The camera seems to be a newer revision. I contacted them no response months later.
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    Sunroof shade keeps sliding back when driving. Any fix?

    Same. Having this issue and if there is a tsb for it would love to reference it when I take it in for the first service.
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    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    Only issue I ever had with a wet filter was the first time I cleaned one on my escort back in the day. Put too much oil on it and fouled the MAF. only time I ever had an issue.
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    Chip Shortage

    My wife found a mk6 with 60k miles for 2k more than I paid for her’s when I bought it new. That should give an idea of how it is impacting used prices.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Shit. Maybe I need to cancel this. That is hilarious though
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    Chip Shortage

    I work for a computer manufacturer. They have roughly a 6 month back log on many components because of this. With how high prices are for any car used or new I basically had to make the tough decision to do a new dsg on my wife’s mk6 instead of offloading it and buying something. Couldn’t swing...
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    Mk7.5 Euro tail lights - is it okay to have?

    The issue with euro tails is they do not reflect on the side. I have had a set on my mk6 for 9 years and 100k miles no issue. CA does not have safety inspections though.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    2nd attempt at ordering a personalized plate. 5 months just got the notice my first try got rejected. I tried to get 5POOLED they said it was too similar to another plate. Guessing SPOOLED. So, I ordered FSTSNAL Fast Snail. We will see. CA is so damned slow now it will be likely 6 months...
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    Recoding the radio to eliminate Fender amp

    Where I am at now is it looks like I am going 3 way plus sun. Just found someone selling my favorite tweeters from a decade ago for a fair price so I will be going the ap6.5 in the door, scanspeak 12m revelator in the kick panel, rainbow cal27 tweeters in the stock location with an Audison ap8.9...
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    Question for Someone wIth a 2021 with MIB3 and VCDS

    I’m good. Thought I did something wrong. Had an error about no cell signal. Found out it is an error every time cell signal drops so I have no issue.
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    What are you guys paying for insurance?

    I pay $377 a month for my wife and I with a 2012 gti and 2021 gti. Can’t really compare. I have high limits to protect my home and investments so that I could also get umbrella insurance. I am bundled with home, auto, and umbrella through aaa with oem part rider, uninsured/underinsured motorist...
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    Audison APSP G7 (Update: Installed)

    That is odd. Mine is 80-4500 both sides
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    '21 GTI Impressions, Hits, & Misses

    It is through vcds. You basically remove the NAR restrictions.
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    Audison APSP G7 (Update: Installed)

    Not sure about this comment. I have it and it uses same point for both sides.