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I have ordered mine but waiting to for it to arrive 23 21.90%
It's on my want list 33 31.43%
I'm tempted, but not sure yet 46 43.81%
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Old 04-20-2017, 12:57 PM   #1871
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Clubsport S Muffler Thread

Doesn't matter, I can still hear nype and his lack of evidence. Thanks for actually listening to the mods for once. That much less fluff now, more chance for facts and objectivity.
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Old 04-20-2017, 02:01 PM   #1872
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Originally Posted by patrick44523 View Post
Good news out of Latvia! I can't wait and it's such a surprise.

Dear Patrick,

We are happy to let you know that your order has been shipped today. We will update your tracking details shortly.

Taking a discount in consideration, the shipping difference is only USD 2.57. The manager has agreed to cover this for you

We hope that you receive your order soon and will be satisfied with your purchase.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have nay further queries.

Kind Regards,
Mine shipped as well. The delivery date is next Monday, 4/24. Very excited.
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Old 04-20-2017, 02:43 PM   #1873
Sandman GTI
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Originally Posted by Vincenz View Post
Water and a microfiber towel for the easy stuff. Meguiars compound and a microfiber towel for medium stuff. Mag polish and microfiber towel for the tough stuff.

Aluminum foil and wd40 is for peasants and people who don't care about the details.
Great reply idiot! Yes I called you a name because it fits!
The stuff you are using takes more effort than is needed because it sort of works. Aluminum foils works in seconds on even the hardest spot. It has nothing to do with details or caring. Regarding my car or anything I do in life I will challenge my work ethic, caring or detail oriented efforts against yours any day. I will also put up my ability to work and interact with other people far above your odd abilities. For proof I offer the Forum Members as Judge and Jury.

I find the Ignore option on forums as an odd way to handle idiots like yourself who have a hard time interacting successfully with other people. In my work we deal with personnel issues and resolve them so people can work together. The problem here is you make no effort to interact successfully nor do you really know anything. This is a fact, as you offer nothing of benefit to the discussion and your suggestions or statements offer no help. Forum Member Breaking Badly is the opposite of you. He offers facts and detailed info that helps all of us and often keeps his replies short and to the point.

Apparently no one will keep you in check so as of today your off my list. FYI, in 2 years on the forum you are the first one that has been crossed off. If we have many more like you then no one will visit this Forum.
My Build Thread:
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Old 04-20-2017, 03:18 PM   #1874
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Old 04-20-2017, 03:29 PM   #1875
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Drives: 2017 GTI Sport dsg
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Clubsport S Muffler Thread

Sorry, I don't need to agree with someone who advises using aluminum foil on chrome. It may be easier and faster, but WILL produce hairline scratches. For people who care about achieving and maintaining the best finish of their tips, compounds and polishes along with soft microfiber is the correct way. Like I said, if you cared enough about the details you would understand. This kind of knee-jerk reaction just proves my point.
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Old 04-20-2017, 03:42 PM   #1876
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Originally Posted by Sandman GTI View Post
Interested for wheel use.
Also for tips, Aluminum Foil and a little WD40.
You can use detailers spray but aluminum foil will clean the dirtiest in seconds.
Honest! Try it.
As I mentioned, I had heard about using aluminum foil clean chrome before but I never gave it a go as I have always had good and easy luck with Eagle One NevrDull cotton wadding. Your post made me curious to look into it though and I was able to find this:

Pretty interesting how a simple and cheap method can work so well - backed up by chemistry and science. I don't think my tips will ever need it given how OCD I am with my car overall lol, but definitely something to remember if you ever need it.

Keep those CSS tips clean!
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Old 04-20-2017, 04:16 PM   #1877
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Closing thread since you kids can't get along and think it's the admins job to mitigate your personal issues with eachother. There's plenty of relevant info on the clubsport muffler in this thread. No need to continue the name calling. If you open a new thread and continue insulting eachother and reporting posts because you disagree with other people you will be banned. We do not need your contributions to this forum.
Mk5 Rabbit (Daily) Build Thread
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Closed Thread

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