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Originally Posted by NomadEA888 View Post
Welp scratch 5150 off my protune list
I second that. I don't care how busy you/he is. It should not take 6 fucking months to tune your car. That's just bullshit and very unprofessional!
DSG = Fat, lazy, wetartid people that don't know how to drive.
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Wow I didnít expect an open such a can of worms with my thread..

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Haha that escalated quickly. I think a lot of ppl are coming out of the woodworks with their legit stories they just didn't want to share and blow up a great tuner. It really is too bad. Greet product outshined by a bad business model and bad customer service. People can defend it all they want, the stories here speak volumes and this isn't even all of them.

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