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I know this is over your budget but this a better option if you are willing to spend more.
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Originally Posted by SM075180 View Post
Hey thanks for the post! Watching the video back yourself- would you say the video does the sound justice?

Iím a musician/audio nerd so Iím always skeptical of Ēbuilt inĒ recording capabilities on devices. I donít mean to come off like your efforts are sub-par or anything- just giving my question some context

Sounds awesome though.

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Nah i totally understand, iPhone's sitting atop washing machines aren't known for their audio recording abilities.

I'd say its fairly representative but in real life the exhaust note has more quality and depth to it if that makes sense. Its slightly distorted in the video and the sounds get kinda jumbled. In real life you still hear the little pops you hear in the video but the note is more clear. When I hold the camera closer to the exhaust at the end I'd say the sound is more accurate.
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OP what part of Sacramento are you in? There is a good shop on the edge of Citrus Heights/Roseville that does quality work at a great price. I got a quote from them to delete the resonator for $80. Just have not gotten around to it yet myself

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