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Originally Posted by KlipZ View Post

I'm looking to move on in april (im only 25) and hoping that another place gives me the same opportunity my current organization gave me. Thats the struggle being young and not having a huge and impressive IT background on your resume. Have to just find that right company that says "lets give him (or her) a shot." I believe the degrees show you're capable of learning, which is what employers want to know.

Yeah, this is my hope. I’ve worked for a very successful, and quickly growing fast food/convenience chain in the northeast (Ever heard of Wawa before? I’m on tapatalk so i cant see your location) since I was 17, and am reeeealllly hoping to land the SAP Operations internship i just applied for for this spring. Like you said “just gotta find the righr company that gives you a shot,” all i have is my 7 years with the company, positive feedback from managers on yearly evals, and my degree. I mean it’s just an internship, not a full time position, so my hope is i can give them enough reason to choose me over an asian kid with a 4.0 (my GPA is a lousy 3.6), and once I start working with them they’ll hire me once the internship’s over.

I honestly feel like I have a better chance at JP Morgan since they’re always hiring entry level front end devs, and that’s what I’m focusing my energy on. But Wawa’s a privately held company with private stock ownership and I already have some shares with the company so I’d looooove to keep building on that (their shares are 9K a pop, up 3.5K since I got hired in 2010)

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I wouldn't discredit a 3.6GPA. I've been told include anything over 3.5 on your resume. Unsure of this Wawa company your speaking of, but you apparently have a lot of experience and interest in the company, so its definitely worth a shot. I know from experience that many companies prefer to hire from within, so that may help you.

In regards to JPMorgan, you have to look at opportunity there vs Wawa. What is the chances for future growth? A company like JP Morgan certainly has many positions that you can aspire to get in to and many locations that you can transfer to, should you decide you want to live elsewhere. Also, benefits packages. I'm sure you'll do fine!
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