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Poison Potato
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Driver Mirror Dip

I tried searching and couldn't find whether or not this is possible.

With OBDeleven I coded the passenger mirror dip in reverse, and it functions as expected (2017 US GTI Sport).

Is the MKVII GTI capable of mirror dipping on the driver side, and if so, can someone tell me what I may need to do?

I followed the same steps in an attempt to do the driver door, but instead of going to '52 Passenger Door' I went to '## Driver Door'. The same 'bits' (2 and 3) were in the Driver Door menu so I was hoping that once activated, the driver mirror would also dip (when in the 'L' position). But after I activated, the mirror did not dip like the passenger mirror.

Instructions I followed for the mirrors:

Passenger Mirror Dip
mirror switch has to be on the passenger setting for it to work.
  1. 52 Passenger door
  2. 07 coding
  3. Byte 4
  4. Enable bit 2 and 3

  1. 09 Central Electronics
  2. 31347
  3. Adaptations
  4. 17-Access control 2 Spiegelabsenkung bei Rueckwaertsfahrt (change to “active”)
  5. (22) Access control 2-Menuesteuerung Spiegelabsenkung (change to “active”) this puts the option in the menu screen.
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Old 05-19-2017, 07:08 PM   #2
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Modules are not there to support this. I believe that they are different, its the one that is built into the door switches. Problem is your only gonna get one mirror to dip at a time even if you had the module. Maybe there is a volkswagen that has the double mirror dip and is similiar enough you could replace both drivers and passenger door modules to achieve this. Sounds like a lot of work for a small reward. The RHD module probably wouldn't work because of the LHD drivers controls you need.
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