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Drives: 2017 MK7 GTI
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2017 GTI SE with DGS/LP/PP bought from Stohlman VW in Tyson. $29,000 everything including the actual vehicle cost (around $26,000 I think), tax, title, registration and processing fee. No VW royalty saving since I never owned a VW.
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I'm unsure if everyone is getting great deals on GTI's since Ive been seeing they can be had for 3k-5k under msrp.

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Got mine (17' GTI Sport 6MT) for $25,500 including dealer fees/registration etc. tax was another story (Damn NY!) no VW loyalty cash so I could've gotten it for $24,500 if qualified. Msrp on the sport was $29,135.

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Originally Posted by crild View Post
I'm unsure if everyone is getting great deals on GTI's since Ive been seeing they can be had for 3k-5k under msrp.

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What complicates things here is when people lump everything into an "out the door" price or, to the other extreme, where they strip everything out to give a low sale price that doesn't even include the destination.

The best way to know what kind of deal a person got is to know the sale price compared to what is on the window sticker. What is on the window sticker is MSRP, including destination. Everything else is location and dealer-specific noise.

So, for instance, the window sticker on my car when I bought it in July 2016 was $28,905 (including destination). My sales price was $22,720 (including destination). So, I purchased for $6,185 below MSRP.

Nobody should really care how much I paid for tax, tags, license, and dealer doc fee, or what I got for my trade if applicable. Those items are apples to oranges comparisons. That sort of stuff will vary depending on where you live, how long you tag your car for (Delaware allows five years on a new car for instance at $40 per year), what your trade-in was etc. So just stick to the constants, which are sales price, including destination, for an apples to apples comparison. Whenever I hear "out the door", I wince, because dealers love to lump everything in to that price and hope you don't notice where they fucked you until after you took the keys.
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