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Originally Posted by MonkeyMD View Post
I see your $21600 golf and raise a gti for $22k.

It's not apples to oranges. Just no value in it for ME. There's usually a tipping point of price where you would just take your chances.

Kind of like when my dealer offered me a 4 year/ 100k warranty for $3700. That is not a value. If it was priced appropriately, say $1700, it would be a good value. Another case of tipping the scales towards "I'll take my chances"

Now for some, who value security more, their tipping point might be different and this would represent a good value. I can't decide that for anyone. Just can state my opinion.

Now excuse me while I go get my turbo blessed before it explodes.

Bro! Bro. Bro. I paid $1100 for my extended warranty through the dealer (Allstate runs the warranty). 5yr/100k w/ $100 deductible. That dealer was trying to rape you.

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Originally Posted by triharderken View Post
Bro! Bro. Bro. I paid $1100 for my extended warranty through the dealer (Allstate runs the warranty). 5yr/100k w/ $100 deductible. That dealer was trying to rape you.

Yes. Live close to a military base and dealerships are known to pull this crap. Original price was over $7k and included everything from that extended warranty to tire and wheel, gap insurance, and some other stiff I didn't care to listen to. Of course these total prices didn't come out til I pressed. Originally was just quoting monthly cost. Sad thing is they close a lot of those deals.
Like trump said about Boeing "I want you to make money, but not that much money"
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Originally Posted by Shifty View Post
Arin can you explain exactly how the warranty company is affiliated with this program? If I'm reading the details on your site correctly I could just buy a powertrain warranty from my credit union for $600, choose any tune and have the same coverage with more power for less money.
The key difference with our warranty is that it explicitly covers our APR Plus tuning. It has $0 deductable as well. It covers a wide range of items, includes roadside assistance, a rental car, and is available at any VW dealer, or really any place with a certified ASE tech.

When you look at purchasing a 3rd party warranty in the USA, they will explicitly state they do not cover modifications, just like your factory warranty. Prices will vary widely, depending on vehicle, coverage, deductible, and more.
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