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Originally Posted by lqrv1675 View Post
I had a 7 speed PDK in a Cayman, But prefer the 6 speed DSG in the R.

The 7 speed would be in 7th gear at 50 mph where there was very little torque for overtaking, so you had to change down or really hit the gas hard.

Of course the Cayman had no Turbo so it might better in the R
Yeah, all depends on the car and its programming.

We rented a Tiguan 2.0 TDI w/DSG in Italy a couple of years back. For the first week or so we were driving exclusively on secondary roads, mostly in the alps between Italy and Switzerland. The Euro DSG comes with a gear indicator in the dash display, so I could tell when it engaged 6th or held the lower gears.

It was't until much later when we hit the autostrada that I suddenly saw D7 on the dash and realized that it was a 7-speed DSG, not a 6. The programming was such that it never engaged 7th except for higher speed cruising.

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